Conversation with a Typical “Liberal” Indian-American- Part Two.

Technology will help us be real Indians!

(This time with a different TLIA)

Me: It’s incredible to see the US being turned inside and out by Trump. He’s fundamentally a racist narcissist and while earlier these were simply personal traits of a loud-mouthed TV reality show host, now they’re marked into national policy.

TLIA: I agree. What happened to Democracy? I saw a great bumper sticker the other day- it said “Make Racism Wrong Again” playing off on the “Make America Great Again” slogan of Trump supporters.

Me: Seriously. Things were far from good before but we’ll really fallen to the depths in the past three years. White supremacists occupy some of the highest positions in Government and we resort to putting children in cages. It’s simply lunatic. It’s disgusting. How can anyone be treated this way?

TLIA: Yes, they have gone too far. You do have to control the borders but you cannot do this. Best is just to tell these immigrants that only if they have a real education and can prove that they will add to the economy they can come in. America cannot just let anyone in but yes, you cannot put children in cages.

Me: Of course, this Rightist trend is not just in the US. Look at Russia or Turkey. Look at Brazil and Hungary. I mean — come on — look at India.

TLIA: What do you mean India? We are one of the bright lights in the world. We’re reforming while the others are going backwards.

Me: Reforming? What do you mean?

TLIA: Look at what Modi has been able to do. He beat corruption because he had the courage to destroy black money. He has also made India proud internationally. He has restored our strength and faith in being Indian. He has undone what thousands of years of invaders did to us and done it in just a few years.

Me: You think demonetization was a good thing?

TLIA: Yes of course. Terrorists and smugglers were the ones that needed cash. The rest of India has gold and credit cards and mobile phones. They can pay with them. Ask anyone in India and they will say they loved demonetization. All my family supported it.

Me: You do know that many people died of starvation and lack of medical treatment during the demonetization period and also that it likely affected hundreds of millions of the urban poor and agricultural laborers who don’t have fancy accounts and savings and depend on daily cash.

TLIA: First of all, the farmers are flush with money. They got all the concessions and sops from Congress. Second, all that news is just media sensationalism.

Me: Let’s go back to the Trump stuff. I mean, don’t you think we need to focus on getting him out of Office in the election?

TLIA: Yes we do. He is too divisive. You have to be one country if you are going to win. We have to make sure we elect a Centrist not a partisan on either side. Okay Trump has been good on some issues- the economy and creating a strong alliance with India. But he is still too pro-China. You need to crack down on the Chinese.

Me: So you think Trump is too divisive? But you like Modi? I don’t get it?

TLIA: Oh, that is different. Modi is not divisive — he is just a truth teller and an honest Indian. He knows that real Indians have to be patriotic if we are going to get our rightful place in the world. If you cannot be pro-India, then you cannot have a place in the country. There are other countries for them. We cannot always pander to them.

Me: So terrorizing your own citizens, creating detention centers, flooding the jails, and cracking down on one community — — these are the right things to do?

TLIA: If you cannot be pro-India then you are causing damage. We’ve been giving you a place to live for years and then you not only cannot be thankful but you have to protest and throw eggs at busses with no provocation? Then absolutely go behind bars. That is the nature of a Democracy.

Me: So that’s progress?

TLIA: India is a rich country but the invaders and the British stole our wealth but could not break our spirit. That is the nature of who we are. We are the most tolerant society. We tolerate so many. We are the one country where everyone can be at peace.

Me: So you are a big Modi supporter. And you believe his policies are good. Do you visit India often and do you see the results yourself or are you depending on media coverage?

TLIA: Oh I go every 6 months for my company. India has changed for the better. Our airports are amazing. The shopping areas have the biggest and most expensive brands in the world. You see BMWs and Mercedes all over the streets of Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and other cities. We are now very proud. I have seen everyone get richer. So I see these things for myself.

Me: What about the farmer suicides? The pogrom against Muslims in our capital? The constant threat of hunger, disease, and bad sanitation?

TLIA: Media sensationalism and hype. We have cleaned up the country and built toilets everywhere. People have all the access; they need the education to use the facilities — sure. But with e-learning and cell phones, we can teach everyone how to take care of himself. Technology is the solution and Modi is the most pro-tech PM we’ve ever had.

Me: Well it seems you have your mind made-up. We disagree about India. I guess we do agree Trump has to go?

TLIA: Yes, he does not believe in free-speech and as I said he divides and doesn’t unite. He has a lot of lessons to learn from India. We are one people in India.



Romi Mahajan in an Author, Marketer, Investor, and Activist

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