Ayn Rand Interviews the Covid-19 Virus

It’s all about the Individual, Rright?

AR: You’re doing remarkably well nowadays I see. Shoot, I can’t even calculate your growth rate. What’s going on that makes you so successful?

C19: Thanks Ayn. It’s pretty simple. We have a superb product with an awesome payload. Lots of customer advocacy- people seem to pass it on to friends and family, even strangers. We’re spreading quickly. It’s really a freemium model which is working well for us. Simple to get but a big effect when you have it!

AR: What are your biggest markets?

C19: In a fast-moving scenario, it’s hard to predict. We started big in China and then weirdly enough got big in Iran and Italy. It’s just a matter of time before we are everywhere. We’re that good.

AR: How are you spreading so fast?

C19: Well, Ayn, we really loved your philosophy. We appeal to individual consumers and ask them to think about their own needs. Society puts so much pressure on the individual to act a certain way. We are helping them realize that they are empowered to do as they feel, to spread their own views. It’s democratization in action.

AR: What’s your biggest worry?

C19: Oh the usual anti-capitalist, communist, anti-market, interventionist stuff. Governments putting restrictions on consumers, mandates, and regulation. We’d never be able to spread so rapidly if Governments acted and people thought about the collective.



Romi Mahajan in an Author, Marketer, Investor, and Activist

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