What an invention! And you don’t need a signal to hail it!

When I touched down at Denver airport, the fun began. As it was, I was getting in quite late and had a 90-minute-plus drive ahead of me to Colorado Springs. Conferences are back! …

Simply Incredible

Some years ago I had drinks with 4 acquaintances. All of these fellows claimed they loved to read about history and to a one, suggested that World War 2 was their area of expertise. A drink in, I started to hold forth on the Soviet contribution to the war and…

Why be Suprised?

It gives me no pleasure to quote Cromwell, but so apposite was his dismissal of the Rump Parliament in 1653 as it relates to Trump and his cronies today-

You have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately … Depart, I say; and let us have…

Red and Blue Alike

The American Pageant has become a Greek Tragedy. The outcomes in America are always clear and predictable. Nothing has brought that into bolder relief than the Covid-19 Pandemic and Americans’ response to it.

From the beginning, we knew it would get out of control in the US. A population for…

Now’s Not the Time to Stand Down

With the recent Democratic win in the US election, all sorts of people have been calling for a “lowering of the temperature,” “coming together,” and “forgiving and forgetting.” “Let’s heal,” they say and “move forward.” “Now,” they say, “is not the time for politics.”

Notoriously- and righteously- missing from this…

romi mahajan

Romi Mahajan in an Author, Marketer, Investor, and Activist

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